25,000 Louisianians

will be diagnosed with cancer this year.

Louisiana Sports and Sparkle Raffle

Can you imagine one ticket that gives you a chance to win up to 52 items?

862019-sparkle.gifFor the 4th year, the Cancer Foundation League (CFL) is conducting a raffle to help raise funds for area cancer patients and to support the Louisiana Cancer Foundation. Each week a different prize will be offered. Every ticket will remain in the drawing throughout the year, making each ticket eligible to win multiple times. Only 1,000 tickets will be sold, from October 1 - December 31, 2013 at $50 per ticket. These tickets make excellent gifts and it is definitely the gift that can keep on giving!

CFL spends 100% of its donations to provide direct financial assistance to cancer patients and support the Louisiana Cancer Foundation's programs and services.

Raffle winners will be selected each Saturday at 10:00pm based on the Louisiana Lottery Pick Three* drawings (*CFL is not affiliated with the Louisiana Lottery). If the purchaser's raffle ticket number matches the Pick Three Numbers, he/she wins the item listed for that week. Winners will be notified by email or phone. Winning numbers will be listed on CFL's website and posted on CFL's Facebook page - Cancer Foundation League. The first drawing will be held January 4, 2014.

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